Customizable Wool Binky Toy

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House Dogge toys are not suitable for aggressive chewers. This toy is intended to be entertaining for pets who love to carry their toys around and/or enjoy a friendly game of toss & tug. No toy is indestructible. Know your pet. Be a good doggy friend by always supervising pets while they are playing with toys. We use non-toxic, eco friendly materials but as always, if any toy becomes critically damaged, broken, or torn apart, please dispose of toy responsibly.

Style: The Wool Binky Toy is a great toy for a game of toss or tug -o-war. 5” toy recommended for small dogs. 7” toy recommended for medium to large dogs.

Materials: CPSIA compliant natural wool and cotton triple twisted rope. Child safe and pet safe colors. Customization wool letters applied with CPSIA compliant thermo adhesive.

Care Instructions: Cleaning: Do not machine wash. The wool toy is naturally anti-microbial, however, if cleaning is needed, we recommend wiping wool gently with damp cloth and lukewarm water. Do not use detergent.

Please review the Return / exchange policy before purchasing.

It's play time! Have fun!