House Dogge has a lotta love for sustainability!

We love it so much, we insert a little eco-friendliness in everything we create. As a mindful brand, we look for ways to contribute through our choices in materials, construction, processes, and partnerships. As the brand continues to grow, so will the sustainably designed assortment. Here is how we are creating fun, non-toxic, and eco-conscious products currently:

Intelligent Packaging made with d2w technology

hand holding wool in a paw shape


- All natural fiber

- Certified child-safe (OEKO-TEX® Standard 100)

- Biodegradable & renewable

- Anti-microbial

- Durable & quick-drying

- Anti-mildew

leather dog tug toy


- All-natural hide

- Biodegradable

- Vegetable-tanned (usually with tree bark, fruit, roots, leaves)

- Environmentally safe

- Non toxic/chemical free (CPSIA certified child safe)